Thank You for Voting

I want to thank everyone who came out today and voted.  I appreciate the 2,500+ people who came out and voted for me.  Although it was not enough to win a seat on the City Commission, I appreciate our system of Democracy and the people who came out to vote. I am also appreciative of the people who gave me permission to place signs on their property. I am glad that I was able to tell the residents of Bowling Green of the concerns I have and the changes I thought we should make (i.e. term limits, Uniform Landlord Tenant Act, Fairness Ordinance, the lack of a safety net for economic downturn, the need for development of more white collar jobs and jobs  in areas that are less affected by economic downturns (recessions), and more investment in the people and less in big industry).  This was my first foray into politics and I appreciate your support, your confidence in my ability,  and your vote. Thank you again. I may not have won, but you  made my day!

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