Mayor Asked Me to Not Campaign During Meeting

I attended the City Commission Meeting to explain why I was running for their seat and how they influenced my platform.  My platform is Term Limits; Transparency; and No New Taxes. After a long meeting, the Mayor called a 5 minute break and the only thing left on the agenda was my 5 minutes of comment. The Mayor told me at the break campaigning was not allowed. That a City Commission meeting was not the place for this. Apparently, free speech is not something that is allowed at Commission meetings. I did explain the events that lead up to my candidacy. Those reasons are:

  1.  The road where my family home is located was widened and no one in the area was notified. We only learned of it when workers started spray painting our yards. I called the City and County governments and the workers could not tell us who gave them the orders. When I went to the City Commission Meeting to ask, the plans for development were on the screen and the presenter had the audacity to say, the plan came together late and no one had a chance to talk to the residents. Apparently blueprints can be formulated in a couple of hours. I wonder what engineering companies would say about this? (Thus-Platform of Transparency).
  2. A year or so later, I was notified sidewalks would be built and part of my front yard would be taken for the sidewalks.  On the other side of the street are commercial businesses. There are paved concrete parking lots, no trees, and commercial buildings. I asked the City Attorney to approach the businesses across the street as it would seem easier to put sidewalks there and made more sense than cutting down my trees and taking part of my yard which wasn’t level anyway. I was told if I did not agree, my house could be condemned under imminent domain and the sidewalks would be put in place any way (Thus-Platform for Term Limits). Bullies should not be allowed in positions of public trust.
  3. Then we all have had to pay the price of the WRAP debacle. County floats bonds. Contractors not paid. City picks up the bill. No effort to regain the funds from those who misappropriated it. All taxpayers footing this bill. No input from residents; just an agreement with the County Judge Executive(Thus Platform of Transparency and Term Limits and No New Taxes).
  4. CSX decides to close Robinson Avenue. City Commission says the railroad has the right and gave the City $50,000 to do so. The closest fire station and ambulance are on Morgantown Rd. Closing the road hinders those across the tracks from getting help when needed. Local businesses on Russellville Road would lose traffic coming from residents living in the subdivisions on the other side of the track. The neighborhood members went to the Commission meeting and asked for a different option for parking rail cars-which was the purpose for closing the road. Considering the focus on beautification, it didn’t make sense to park rail cars next to the WKU Softball field and new parking structure. The City kept with the original plan of closing the road. The citizens’ concern did not sway the Commission from its pro business stance. The deal was done without any consideration for the residents. (Thus Platform of Term Limits and Transparency). The Commission needs to listen to the input of the residents.
  5. It took a private citizen suing the City and CSX to keep the road open. If that David had not taken on Goliath, we would have a train parked in the middle of town all day, traffic stopped, with rail cars stacked about. It would’ve been an eye sore to say the least and would hinder ambulance and fire crews from rendering assistance when needed.
  6. Anyone near  Robinson Ave. uses it as a cut through road to Russellville Rd. and Nashville Rd, WKU, and Morgantown Rd. Blocking the road was a bad idea on many levels.

The current Commission is only focused on development. They are ignoring individual property rights and courting business interests at the expense of individuals.

Please vote on Nov. 6 and let the Commission know that PEOPLE elect them, not businesses.

If I am elected, I will be a representative for the people. When you take care of the people, the rest will fall into place.


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