Proud to be a Democrat

Tonight I attended the monthly meeting of the Warren County Democratic Party. In looking around the room I saw people whose life work has been to serve our community. I have known of these folks long before meeting them in person. I have respect and reverence for them all.  Rep. Jody Richards, before retiring tried to help the Commonwealth employees by insisting a Certified Financial Planner be used to manage the Retirement System, but was outvoted resulting in planners who are not bound by ethics or fiduciary responsibility. I saw Romanza Johnson who has served on so many nonprofit boards and still continues to serve our community.  Bill Carter who was our PVA for many years and left a legacy of integrity and fairness was also present. We have a legacy of service in Warren County and I hope to continue that legacy.

There were many members of the community present.  I can attest to their focus on how best to serve the community. Their thoughtful consideration of how each idea and exploring how each action would be of benefit to the community. I witnessed sacrifice and giving for the sake of others. I was very proud to be a Democrat tonight and to be able to spend time with this dedicated group of people.

I have copied the Democratic Creed from the Democratic Woman’s Club website. If you want to know what we stand for, the Creed is the most succinct  way of expressing our beliefs.

The Democratic Creed

I believe in the Democratic Party as the party whose principles work for the best and highest interests of all the people;
I believe with Thomas jefferson in equal and exact justice to all men of whatever state of persuasions, religious or political;
In the support of state governments in all of their rights;
In the preservation of the general government in its whole constitutional vigor;
And since government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, I believe in a zealous care of the rights of election by the people.
To the upholding of these principles, I pledge my best efforts.
-Composed by Mrs John H. Woodbury

Keep It Local

I watched the City Commission meeting 9/4/2018 where they approved constructing a building for the BGPD and hired a company from Lexington to build it at a cost of $50,000. I am wondering why a local company couldn’t build it.  Paying a local company would employ local people, keep the money in our economy, and help our citizens.

Review the meeting

What are your thoughts?